Keiichi Ogata film BA, AA Diploma (Hons)

After receiving a BA in film from the Nihon University School of Art (Tokyo), he integrally studied architecture and film which is acknowledged as Cinématic Architecture under Pascal Schöning at the Architectural Association (AA Diploma,
honors, 1996) in London. He worked for Ushida-Findlay Architects for several years and he taught architecture, film and art at University of Tokyo, Meiji University and other polytechnic schools including several academies in UK and Canada as a
guest lecturer. He runs his own firm, the ATELIER inSIGHT, architecture, art + urbanism in Tokyo since 2004. He does space producing, urban planning, architectural design, writing for architecture, art. urbanism and film. He is involved to
create human network aka community design such as urban planning based on culture and art, environment and the reconstruction for the Great East Japan Earthquake, taking ‘architecture’ and ‘architect’ with the broad meaning in order how to
contribute human societies in contemporary urban space.
In 2009 he set up Cinématic Architecture Tokyo to discover new media integrating the methodologies of architecture, urbanism, film, art and representational culture to explore the new ways of expression for design as well as the community design
with unique ways of having workshop, lecture, café, film and art studies.
He also makes films that explore the threshold between architectural and urban spaces and the inner lives of the people inhabiting them. His works have been presented in Norway, Turkey, Austria, the UK, US, Canada and Japan in numbers of
architectural symposiums and art exhibitions. Especially the script of ‘Hiroshima Through Light’ (1996) is featured in a literature magazine, Manoa in US.

Cinématic Architecture Tokyo archive

inSIGHT works and projects (architecture/urbanism)

Keiichi Ogata activities


Moon and Clouds (2002)
Memory of Water (2000)
Ghost in the Mirror (2000) collaborated with Anne – Marie Creamer
CITY-NESS 1 (1998)
ANTONIONI: Eyes of Transformation (1996/2017)
Hiroshima Through Light~From Light to Silence, Silence to Light (1995/2018)
Three Films About Disappearance (1994/2015)


‘Yatai Here, Yarai There ~ A Small Record of The Earthquake of East Japan’ 2012(London Architecture Festival, London, UK and Minamisanriku, Miyagi)
Kinotektur, Oslo School of Architecture and Design and Norsk Form, at Villa Stenersen 2010(Oslo, Norway)
Dance and Video Collboration with Nomad-s 2009(Tokyo Gakugei Univ.)
The Moab Film Festival 2001 (Moab, Utah, USA)
Hope and Dreams Film Festival 2001 (Hope, New Jersey, USA)
British Art Now, Omotesando Gallery 2001 (Tokyo, Japan)
AD & A Gallery 2001(Osaka, Japan)
British Art Now, Gallery Aoyama 1999 (Tokyo, Japan)
Architectural Association, School of Architecture, the 150 Anniversary Selected Works (London, UK)
The Architecture of Spaces of Thought 1998(Graz, Austria)
Architectural Education for The Third Millennium 1998 (North Cyprus, Turkey)
Film + Arc Biennale 1994, 1996(Graz, Austria)
and others


Lecture: ‘Act of Cinematic Architecture Tokyo and my filmmaking’ 2021(Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand)
Lecture ‘Source of Motivation’ 2019 (McGill University、Montréal, Canada)
Symposium ”The Catalytic Commoning: The Design Approach for Urbanism and Architecture” presented by the Kyushu University, school of design 2016 (Roppongi Design Hub)
Symposium ‘What is Cinematic Architecture?: Architectural Education with Film’ 2009(Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London, UK)
Symposium ‘Cities of Future: Urban Planning Conference of 2009 (Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
Screening and film introduction (Electric Cinema, London, UK)
Lecture and workshop ‘Landscape and Architecture by Yasujiro Ozu’ 2002(Wiltshire Literature Festival, Cre8 Studio, Swindon, UK)


International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA), Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand 2021
McGill University, Montréal, Canada 2019 (lecturer)
Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, UK 2017 (lecturer)
Kingston University, London, UK (lecturer)
Meiji University, school of architecture (lecturer)
University of Tokyo, school of architecture (lecturer)
Tokyo Technical College, school of architecture(tutor)
Arts College Yokohama, school of multimedia, film and game 1998-2013(tutor)


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KQED Public Radio FM, “Pacific Time” 2001 (San Francisco, USA)


ANTONIONI: Eyes of Transformation
G. W. Pabst’s Pandora’s Box ~ Light, Shadow and Darkness for Art, Architecture and Film in German Expressionism


Colorist by Shigenobu Kobayashi 1999 (Kodansha International)
SD(Space Design) 9704 ‘Memory in Cities Pascal Schöning and Diploma Unit3 ’ (Kajima Institute Publishing)