Atelier inSIGHT

serves architectural space planning, building design, urban planning consulting, interior design, garden design and film making.
There are charters and history based on each lands. Our philosophy is human acts should be assimilated into the nature as any architectures stand as a part of environment, society and urban space, staying for a certain length of time. Adding
consideration on economy and reality, we represent the clients’ needs, dreams and characters. Also, in our recent space planning project we work as a total producer with local designers and contractors whom we assisted the selection, trying to
find out the right facility and space (business) category. We are good at regional activation of urban planning and consulting.
We also make video such for promotion, documentary and display for the clients.
We work with careful manner like craftsman’s atelier with full of insight.
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Resort Hotel Proposal (Gazipasa, Turkey)@intertribe
Creche in Koganei (Koganei, Tokyo)
House in Nanakuniyama Mountain (Machida, Tokyo)
Zama Baptist Church (Zama, Kanagawa)
K House (Sagamihara, Kanagawa)
Echo Chamber @ Ushida-Findlay Architects

Truss・Wall・House @ Ushida-Findlay Architects
AKTION POLIPHILE @ Ushida-Findlay Architects
and others


Chuetsu Earthquake Encouragement Plan (The Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners)
Beautiful Shopping Street Program of Tokyo (The Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners)
Design Competition for the South Park of JR Musashi Koganei Station: Mayor’s Award (Koganei, Tokyo)
Basic Plan with a use of the heritage of a folklorist, Tsuneichi Miyamoto (Towa, Yamaguchi)
and others